08/22: Computational Characterization of β-Li3PS4 Solid Electrolyte: From Bulk and Surfaces to Nanocrystals

  • Author(s): Naiara Leticia Marana, Mauro Francesco Sgroi, Lorenzo Maschio, Anna Maria Ferrari, Maddalena D’Amore, Silvia Casassa
  • Partner: UNITO, CRF
  • Published: Nanomaterials, 12(16), 2795


08/22: Theoretical study of the interface between solid electrolyte and electrode: the case of (100)-Li3PS4/(110)-Li2S

  • Author(s): Naiara L. Marana, Silvia Casassa, Mauro F. Sgroi, Anna Ferrari, Lorenzo Maschio
  • Partner: UNITO, CRF
  • Published: 19th International Conference on Density Functional Theory and its Applications (Brussels, 28.8-2.9.2022)
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