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MODALIS² project aims at creating effective modelling toolchain so that, finally, cell specification, development and prototyping get easier. Not only different bricks will receive our attention but also their integration into a seamless tool chain, as main outcome of the project:

  • Fit for purpose modelling able to describe new phenomena observed in newly manufactured cell
  • Experimental methods which will be developed to provide the project with specific measurements dedicated to calibration of developed models as well as validating the developed models and tools.
  • Data will be gathered using newly developed or well-established experimental methods; besides, during the preliminary design and sizing phase at the beginning of the project, data will also be collected from literature. This data will allow either model calibration and model validation. As a consequence, two separated sets of data will be required to provide a reliable model calibration/validation process.
  • Simulation and modelling tools will of course be developed in order to ensure a link between relevant scales (nanoscopic scale/microstructure/cell scale). Furthermore, many modelling parameters cannot be directly experimentally measured and newly developed tools will also allow parameters setting based on experimental results. Finally, based on multi-physics models, design tools will be able to provide cell and material manufacturers with design recommendation in order to manufacture improved materials and cells.