MODALIS2 – Role of K&S

Interview with Sabine Alpman

Project manager and team leader at K&S GmbH Projektmanagement.




What is the expertise of K&S?

K&S GmbH Projektmanagement (K&S) offers project management services for national and international research and development projects (R&D projects). We support companies and research organisations in all facets and
levels of a funded project – from a project proposal to a final project reporting. Additionally, K&S has many years of expertise in the controlling of publicly funded research projects.


Which role does K&S have in MODALIS2 and what are your specific tasks?

In MODALIS² K&S has two roles: first of all we support the project coordinator IFPEN with the project management. This includes the following tasks:

  • Progress monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Deliverable review process
  • Preparation of project meetings (General Assembly, Steering Committee, Operational Management Team,
    EC Reviews)
  • Support with project periodic reports

The second task of K&S in the project is managing the work package „Dissemination and Exploitation“. We set up and maintain the project website, manage the review process of all publications and update the project’s dissemination road map.


Which challenges are you facing in the project?

The biggest challenge for us was the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, the project had only been running for hardly 2 months. The complete shutdown in almost all European countries prevented direct exchange among partners and the closure of laboratories and offices caused unexpected delays. The project partners could only communicate via webconferences for a very long time. For us as a project management team, the unexpected delays were initially a major challenge since it was not clear when all partners can continue their planned activities. However, together with the coordinator we worked out and applied counter measures step by step so that the project goals can be achieved despite a slight delay.


Which benefits derive from the project for K&S?

Although we have many years of experience in funded projects, every project has individual nuances and challenges. This allows us to broaden our experience and strengthen our expertise even further. Additionally, with each successful collaboration and satisfied partner we expand our client base.