MODALIS2 – Role of Saft

Interview with:

Elodie Guerin – Electrochemistry Engineer

Ruben Brunetaud – Electrochemistry Modeling Engineer



What is the expertise of Saft?

SAFT is a French world leader in battery technology with an expertise in the research, design and manufacturing of batteries’ cells and modules, of various technologies including lithium-ion ones, and their related technical processes. Saft has been providing for over 100 years highly specialized batteries for uses from transportation to energy storage and from space exploration to the Internet of Things. More than 3,000 customers worldwide rely on Saft batteries for their long life and ability to function in the most extreme conditions.


Which role does Saft have in MODALIS2 and what are your specific tasks?

Saft was in charge of the Gen3 high Si based anode cell prototyping as well as the preparation of Gen4 cells at the laboratory scale using materials from project partners. We have the technical expertise in electrode formulation, component compatibilities and electrochemical cycling conditions.

The cells are then dispatched to the other partners that offer characterization according to tests plan for modeling purpose. The data gathered are used to calibrate the MODALIS² simulation toolchain, and the modeling team then validates the proposed models through use-cases.


Which challenges are you facing in the project?

At electrochemical level, and more specifically for Gen 4, the challenge was to find the optimal formulation conditions with these specific materials that present an important moisture sensitivity. Indeed, there always is a fine optimization between the mass ratio, the granulometry and the chemical compatibility of the components.  After this optimization part, there are remaining challenges on the cell assembly conditions, especially in the determination of the pressure to apply.

Regarding the model specification and validation, the selection of the required model inputs has required a full reflection to consider all the cell complexity, especially for new technology as Solidstate battery.


Which benefits derive from the project for Saft?

We have experienced in Modalis a strong collaboration between the project partners. Each owes a different expertise, and we had the luck to exchange with all of them with seamless communication. The simulation toolchain will offer to integrate all the aspects of the batteries from microscopic scale to complete system and provide a better understanding of  the new technologies such as Gen3 high Si based anode and Gen4 cells.