“MODALIS2 project has a world-class expertise in the domain of cell and materials engineering”

Interview with Gaëtan Damblanc

Product manager for powertrain electrification related technologies
at Siemens Digital Industries Software


Which role does SISW have in MODALIS2? What are your specific tasks?

As a software provider, Siemens Industry Software (SISW) brings in its simulation software development skills and the baseline code structure for the MODALIS2 Gen 3b and Gen 4 battery cells models enabling their uptake by the battery industry.

During the project, the task of SISW will be to ensure the successful models prototyping in the Simcenter portfolio solutions to address the multi-scale and multi-physics challenge that represents battery modelling.

In addition, specific methodology investigations will be carried out to support users with the novel models’ parametrisation and calibration to leverage the tools full potential and their interoperability.

Finally, through its strong presence in the industry, SISW will be a strong force to disseminate the achievements of MODALIS2 to key industry players in Europe and worldwide.


Which benefits derive from the project for SISW?

The participation to the MODALIS2 project brings SISW multiple valuable benefits.

Firstly, the access to world-class expertise in the domain of cell and materials engineering, with valuable experimental characterisation and measurements, critical for the models derivation and validation.

Secondly, is the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best team in battery modelling development, leveraging our knowledge and technologies to better address our customers future challenges in this domain.

Finally, the partners within the MODALIS2 project are a representative set of advanced users of battery simulation tools, providing valuable feedback to SISW in order to make the tool chain functionalities improve and better address the industry players and their challenges.


Which challenges are you facing in the project?

The main challenge for SISW is to ensure a comprehensive model prediction framework and performance which is consistent across the multiple scales addressed in the tool chain investigated under the project.

Finally, ensuring an accessibility to the novel tool chain that is easy to the users and allow them a simple exploitation of the models despite the complexity of the physics to solve, is an overall challenge that is central to the way SISW will later implement the models derived under MODALIS2.


Gaëtan is product manager for powertrain electrification related technologies at Siemens Digital Industries Software. His responsibility spans across battery modelling, electric machines design and electromagnetics to help developing solutions needed for the future xEVs. He is also responsible for the dissemination of best practice usage of these solutions. He worked previously as a Simcenter battery technical specialist.